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Channel Manager
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booking software

Booking Site Updater >

hotel management system
hotel management software

Site updating system automatically updates and maintains your inventory on your own website and last minute sites.
Small property management system

Book and Pay Button >

booking system
booking system

Maximize your reach to the global level via Book & Pay option on your own website
accommodation booking software
Front Office System >
accommodation booking software
Online booking system

Front office system completely manages guest room booking with the automatic updates for availability of rooms and price.
PMS system
Overlap Rooms >

Bed and breakfast software

Over lapping system allows you maximize your room booking by setting up single room in a assorted manner.
Property Management system
hotel reservation system

Enhance your Hotel Management operations with Channel Manager's Integrated Software Platform

Channel Manager being a automated booking software platform allows all your hotel operations managed systematically and let your guest experience a wonderful stay with great hospitality.

It's a customized booking software system for your hotel property, enabling automatic booking function for guest rooms, updating inventories on all booking provider sites including last minute booking sites, automatic billings and tariff management and much more, thereby maintains your property management system in a full-fledged manner and assures higher business growth.

With 24/7 live technical support and connectivity with over hundreds of booking sites worldwide, channel manager's hotel software system allows you to reach your guests assuring growth in your business revenue.

ChannelManager is Featured With
  • Automatic site updates
  • Easily manage & maintain website for guest room booking
  • Provides you reporting of all day operations
  • Manages inventory and update price accordingly
  • Call-to-action feature on social media page to get more bookings

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